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Doujinshi Scanlation Release (September #1)


Thank you to those who wished me an Happy Birthday last sunday. I hope you enjoyed the surprise release. But now we're in september and it's time to present you Boxer & Rice's first doujinshis releases of the month.


Author: Ryu Morikawa

Fandom: Dragon Ball Z

Featuring: Future Trunks/Gohan

Rating: NC-17

Summary: This recent Dragon Ball Z comics/doujinshi (published in 2007) is a Modern take on Orpheus and Eurydice’s myth. The story is presented in flashback form and recounts an intriguing tale of Gohan’s attempts to warn Trunks of a possible threat he just heard from Vegeta. When Mirai Trunks vanishes inexplicably, everyone assume he just returned to the future. But Gohan finds out an important clue that proves otherwise. Discover what transpires as Gohan wrestles with the guilt of his dilemma and his shocking solution.

P.S : Readers should beware this Yaoi/Slash (malexmale) dbz dj contains instances of tentacle rape!


Author: Tsurugi Kai (CRUSHERs)

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII

Featuring: Seifer Almasy/Zell Dintch

Rating: NC-17

Summary: This short Final Fantasy 8 comics/doujinshi presents a romantic and erotic love story between Seifer Almasy and Zell Dintch. Seifer seems to have trouble dealing with his past actions and wonders if he’ll ever find happiness. Little did he know that going starwatching with easy-going Zell would bring answers to his questions. Discover more in this risqué Yaoi/Slash (malexmale) ff8 dj!

As usual they can be found at Boxer & Rice - The Tales of Two Princes

We also have a couple new fanarts. So if you can spare a few minutes, our artists would be delighted to read your comments/reviews. They can be found here

Boxer & Rice Fanart Section

I especially recommend you to see the new Fanarts of Hotcha, Kasarawolf and Snack_Attack:

Hotcha's gallery

Kasarawolf's gallery

Snack Attack's gallery

If you want trade links with us please leave a comment there.

Links Exchange Section

Lastly, if you like chatting and wants to meet truhan fans, we remind you that every saturdays around 5:00 pm GMT +1:00 we're meeting on Boxer and Rice's chatroom. All you need to do is go here

Boxer and Rice's Chatroom

Enter a username (no password), click on connect and chat. We only require people to be polite. No flaming will be allowed. The chatroom is meant for promoting friendship and not war among people. ;-)

See you soon for more doujinshi releases and sorry for crossposting.
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