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Doujinshi Scanlation Release (October #1)


Boxer & Rice's team is proud to present you its first doujinshi releases for October, even if it's a few days later than usual. The main reason of this delay is that we're lacking of skilled cleaners. Actually if we could get more active and skilled cleaners we could do three releases by months. So if you're skilled, have plenty of time and at least photoshop CS3, please contact me.

My Warrior Training

Author: Wato Shimizuya

Fandom: Dragon Ball Z

Featuring: Gohan/Future Trunks, Future Gohan/Future Trunks, Gohan/Piccolo, Gohan/Goku

Rating: PG-13

Summary: This Dragon Ball Z comics/doujinshi is a compilation of several humorous mini stories done by several artists. The main stories are done by the infamous Wato Shimizuya (who’s doujinshi’s scans have been floating on the internet for almost two decades). They take places during the Cell Saga and the History of Trunks timelines. Gohan seems to be irresistible, his cuteness makes him widely adored by all the Z warriors and they’re ready to ressort to any tatics to gain his favors. Discover more in this neat Yaoi/Slash (malexmale) dbz dj!

Lord Angelo and Prince Hero

Author: FMDQ and OSOVA

Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII

Featuring: Angelo/Eight

Rating: Nc-17

Summary: This short Dragon Quest 8 comics/doujinshi presents two stories taking place in alternate timelines. In those universes, Hero/Eight has been acknowledged as legitimate heir prince of the Argonian’s Kingdom. Those romantic and erotic stories show how even in totaly different universe Hero/Eight and Angelo’s paths are bound to cross each other and how it always blossoms into love and hot sex. Discover more in this lascivious AngeloxEight Yaoi/Slash (malexmale) dq8 dj!

As usual they can be found at Boxer & Rice - The Tales of Two Princes

We have a couple new fanarts. So if you can spare a few minutes, our artists would be delighted to read your comments/reviews. They can be found here

Boxer & Rice Fanart Section

I especially recommend our new Gohan/Trunks fanarts :

waruinu's gallery

Thundertori's gallery

If you want trade links with us please leave a comment there.

Links Exchange Section

Lastly, if you like chatting and wants to meet truhan fans, we remind you that every saturdays around 5:00 pm GMT +1:00 we're meeting on Boxer and Rice's chatroom. All you need to do is go here

Boxer and Rice's Chatroom

Enter a username (no password), click on connect and chat. We only require people to be polite. No flaming will be allowed. The chatroom is meant for promoting friendship and not war among people. ;-)

See you soon for more doujinshi releases and sorry for crossposting.
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